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CNN Money:
Hearing implants can now stream sound right from an iPhone
7/26/2017 8:57 AM
People with hearing implants will soon be able to stream music and take phone calls wirelessly from Apple devices....Read More
Health care: Here"s what the Senate is voting on
7/26/2017 8:29 AM
Senate Republicans are finally voting to repeal Obamacare....Read More
Chipotle says sick employee responsible for latest outbreak
7/26/2017 8:40 AM
A sick Chipotle employee caused a norovirus outbreak at a Virginia restaurant earlier this month....Read More
Amazon will make thousands of job offers next week
7/26/2017 7:34 AM
Amazon plans to make thousands of job offers next week....Read More
Matt Drudge is firing warning shots at Trump, and that should worry the president
7/26/2017 7:28 AM
Matt Drudge has been in the White House an awful lot these days -- "all the time," as one senior administration official puts it. He"s met with President Donald Trump, spent time with Ivanka Trump, and doled out advice to Jared Kushner....Read More
Farmers turn to artificial intelligence to grow better crops
7/26/2017 7:14 AM
Your grocery store"s tomatoes may have a new friend aiding their development: artificial intelligence....Read More
Nestl´┐Ż is building a factory just for flavored KitKats
7/26/2017 6:47 AM
Japan loves weirdly flavored KitKat bars so much that the country is getting a brand new factory just to make them....Read More
Cluster of power plants divides a Maryland community
7/26/2017 5:18 AM
"Five are enough," says Earl Mitchell, the president of a local civic association in Brandywine, Maryland. "We shouldn"t have any more here."...Read More
British economy suffers "notable slowdown"
7/26/2017 4:44 AM
Britain"s economy grew by just 0.3% in the second quarter, confirming fears of a marked slowdown as the country prepares to exit the European Union....Read More
Facebook earnings; Fed decision; Volkswagen meeting
7/26/2017 4:39 AM
1. Pursuing profits: It"s a busy week for earnings and Wednesday"s schedule is especially packed....Read More

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